Alexander First School

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I am delighted to welcome you to Alexander First School. Our ethos is clear and we are unwavering in our dedication to it. We simply believe that every child, regardless of background or prior achievement, can be successful if given great teaching and pastoral support.

It is my role as Headteacher to create an environment where it’s safe to be happy and where everyone strives for success. Our mission is to create a school of the highest standard that achieves this through research led approaches, training excellent teachers and support staff, and by developing a pastoral system that ensures no child is left behind.

Our mastery curriculum is at the heart of school life and ensures that all students get the opportunity to study academic disciplines and to wrestle with ways of thinking that take them beyond everyday understandings. Alongside this we forge strong links with our community partners, as I firmly believe that “It takes a village to raise a child”. Given this, I strive to form strong links with parents/carers, our Army Welfare Officers and military community.  

Whilst we want all our students to leave Alexander First School with the currency they need to access the next stage of their education and to have an unrelenting focus on hard work and discipline, we know that getting great results is only half of a good education: we are determined to deliver as many opportunities as we can for every child to flourish outside the classroom. We want our students to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with a child from a private school and eventually, compete for the same university place or job. No-where is this more important than at Alexander First School where 85-95% of our pupil population is that of Service (Army) pupils who are typically subject to frequent moves and educational disruption. 

I am proud of our links with leading academic agencies (such as Brunel University London) through which we have access to world class staff training and development, as well as expertise from across a network of background and fields of knowledge. This ensures that we are continually learning and evaluating our impact to ensure that every child who comes to Alexander leaves as a well-rounded and polite individual with the drive and resources to lead a happy and successful life.

Miss M. Khokar