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School Absence

School attendance is a priority for our school and we are constantly monitoring pupil attendance.

We want to work together with parents to help ensure excellent attendance and punctuality for all pupils from an early age. The following information shows how school attendance can affect your child’s future progress.


Above 97%    Above 97%. Less than 6 days absence a year: Excellent attendance! Pupils with this attendance should achieve the best grades they can, leading to the best possible start in their Infant education
95%   95%. Less than 10 days absence in a year: Pupils with this attendance are likely to achieve their target grades and will be well prepared for starting Infant education
90% 90%. 19 days absence over the year: Pupils with this attendance are missing a month of school per year and may fall behind in Maths and Literacy; it will be difficult for them to achieve their best.
85% 85%. 29 days absence in a year: These pupils are missing 6 weeks of school a year, it will be very difficult for them to keep up and achieve their best. 
80% 80%. Pupils with this attendance are missing a day for every week of school. It will be almost impossible to keep up with work.  Parents of pupils with this level of attendance could be issued with a Penalty Notice.