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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy and Mentoring (KickStart)


Alexander First School’s Sports Therapy and Mentoring programme is designed to improve our pupil’s attention and listening skills, social competency, and cognitive functions.  
We aim to provide a life-skills development approach which posits that the behavioral, physical, and cognitive skills that young child utilise to succeed in sports can be translated across other settings such as school, home, or their community.


There are a variety of reasons as to why a child would benefit from our Sports Therapy and Mentoring programme such as:


  • Parents/carers often express a need for a positive role-model for their child, whilst our pupils report wanting to find someone to talk and play with them.
  • Sessions aim to develop qualities and skills such as confidence, leadership, and stress management.
  • A greater sense of belonging and community connectedness is developed through our Sports Therapy and Mentorship programme. This is particularly important for our pupils who experience high levels of mobility and frequent moves.
  • Essential life skills such as etiquette, sportsmanship, and perseverance are taught through sports activities, which can then be applied beyond the sports context.
  • Physical and mental health are closely aligned, we aim to improve self-management and growth skills. Pupils are supported in achieving greater levels of self-management, time management, and tolerance. 
Football qualifications
FA 1st4 Sport Level 1 in Coaching Football
FA 1st4 Sport Level 2 in Coaching Football
FA Level 3 UEFA B in Coaching Football
FA Youth Award Level 3
FA Youth Award Module 1 Developing the Environment
FA Youth Award Module 2 Developing the Practice 
FA Youth Award Module 3 Developing the Player
Additional qualifications
FA Level 1 Coaching Futsal
FA Coaching Disabled Footballers Course
FA Level 1 Psychology for Soccer
1st4 Sport Level 2 in Coaching Cricket
FA Emergency First Aid & FA Safeguarding Children
Level 3 Safeguarding in schools
Autism In Schools Level 1