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Visions and Values

Alexander First School and Foundation Stage

Values: Trust, Respect, Honesty, Equality  


We promote and encourage our pupils to live by our values of trust, respect, honesty and equality that will lead to the development of responsible pupils, tolerant of others and accountable for their actions.



At Alexander School we focus on the whole child and aim to create the conditions to support each and every child in their development to become successful and responsible in their future lives.



To provide a friendly, secure, safe and happy environment, promoting a positive learning ethos, and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.



To develop good self-esteem and positivity in our pupils; promoting an aspiration to achieve, a  caring and friendly attitude towards their peers and respect for the diversity of our community; laying the foundation towards a successful adult life.



To provide a nurturing, stimulating and creative environment that will support and challenge our

pupils’ individual needs, building their resilience and confidence to take a full and active part in school life.    



To drive achievement by providing an evolving, creative and exciting curriculum, developing independent learning skills and an enquiring mind, inspiring our pupils to be self motivated and experience the joy of learning.