Alexander First School

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School Dog

Hi I’m Bella. I work with Mrs Corcoran, one of our Wellbeing Mentor, looking after the children at Alexander First School. I’m very very important and you will see me on the staff list! I love hanging out in the different classrooms and Mrs Corcoran and I have our own room next to Year 3. I keep my biscuits and my toys in there.


I’m ready to help with any problem but sometimes I just like to sit quietly with someone until they feel better. My main hobbies are chasing tennis balls and swimming in ponds but I also love reading!  My work is quite tiring and sometimes I just need a little rest.  I’ve been at Alexander First  School for nearly two years now and I’m even allowed into Miss Khokar’s office and assemblies. 


It’s a great job and I’m a lucky dog to be with Alexander First School pupils.