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Picture 1 Counting 100 in many different objects.
Picture 2 World book day
Picture 3 World book day
Picture 4 Bread making
Picture 5 World book day
Picture 6 Building bridges with family in STEM week
Picture 7 STEM challenge
Picture 8 STEM tasks to make constructions
Picture 9 The ducklings started to hatch!
Picture 10 Bread making
Picture 11 STEM tasks to make shapes
Picture 12 Taking part in School's Fitness Week
Picture 13 STEM tasks to make constructions and shapes
Picture 14 Seeing the ducklings in their cage
Picture 15 Giving the ducklings a swimming lesson
Picture 16 Making biscuits
Picture 17 Learning ball skills in PE
Picture 18 Making biscuits
Picture 19 Exploring in our outside area
Picture 20 Identifying places on maps and aerial photos
Picture 21 Painting castles
Picture 22 STEM tasks to make constructions
Picture 23 We had an adventure in the planetarium
Picture 24 Learning about capacity using our water tray
Picture 25 Growing peas in the classroom