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We designed shields like High King Peter's! For Narnia and for Aslan!!!

We used silver and gold to make it look metal.
The lion represents Aslan and how strong we are!

Narnia Movie Morning!

We watched the film to compare to the book
Slippers, our dressing gowns, blankets and popcorn

The Learning Dome - Planetarium - 20th March 2019

Mr. Hume was fantastic with the children
We had to crawl into the dome!
We saw the stars in the night sky and planets
We asked some great questions and had a great time

World Water Day - We tried filtering dirty water and investigated Water Aid (19.3.19)

World Book Day 2019

We made book marks!
We enjoyed our sponsored Read-a-thon!
Nothing better than reading!
Absorbed in a good book!
Learning new and interesting facts from reading!
Sharing a book with a friend!
Reading together
Reading together at our Read-a-thon!

Electricity - Making Circuits - Spring Term 2019

Making Bread with the Bread Man! - January 2019

First World War Centenary - Remembrance week - November 2018

STEM Week - October 2018

Ancient Egyptian Excavation Team - Autumn Term 2018

Horrible Histories - The Awful Egyptians - Theater Trip October 2018