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After School sports clubs sign up October to December 2018

We are excited to announce Maidenhead United (The Magpies) will be running a selection of clubs after school on Thursdays and Fridays as of September 2018 for Years 1 to 4 from 3.15pm – 4.30pm.


Term 1 and term 2 (10th September to 13th December) This club is free of charge but with limited places

The Magpies will be hosting a girl’s only football club. This club is based on developing core skills and confidence in players as well as challenging more advanced and experienced players.

Term 3 and term 4 ( 10.1.19-5.4.19) The first two weeks will be free of charge as a trial

Games club is a mixture of sporting activities such as tag rugby, bowls and lacrosse etc.

Term 5 and term 6 (25.4.19 -18.7.19)

Summer athletics club will include activities such as volleyball, track and field games.


Term 1 and term 2 (10.9.18 – 14.12.18) The first two weeks will be free of charge as a trial

The Magpies will be offering tag rugby and hockey.

Term 3 and term 4 (11.1.19 – 5.4.19)

Cricket and tennis club will be running.

Term 5 and term 6 (26.4.19 – 19.7.19)

We will end the academic year with football.

A charge of £2.50 per session is required to be paid termly in advance. Please note payment is due for the whole term by Wednesday 5th September. We will not be able to offer your child a place unless the payment has been made in full.

Please see the school office for a sign up form