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Lavender Class Student Councillors

At Alexander First School we



Year 4

Our School Council and Eco Warriors!


At Alexander First School we have a fantastic group of children who are our School Council representatives and our Eco Warriors. Two children are elected from each class and they attend at least one Eco Meeting every two weeks. The School Council has a range of responsibilities in their classrooms and throughout school.


The school Council is overseen by Miss Hayward and Mrs Fletcher


Thank you Ash and Princess for being the Student Council and Eco Warriors for Lavender Class!

Current Projects


The School council are currently thinking of things the school needs and resources we might need to buy to help improve our STEM learning. We are also getting ready to interview Caterlink about the school lunches and planning flower beds for the school garden! 

On-going Projects

Reducing waste at Alexander


At Alexander First School we are reducing our waste by collecting our fruit waste and putting it in special food bins so that it can be taken to our garden and turned into compost!

Every classroom will soon have a fruit waste monitor.



We also have recycling bins in our classrooms and scrap paper draws so we learn not to waste paper!


Well done everyone!