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Identified pupils, requiring additional support to grow in confidence and develop their social skills, attend Forget-Me-Not Group for three afternoons a week. The group is run by a trained teacher and ELSA who model courteous and supportive behaviour while making the children feel accepted and valued. Mrs Bull now runs a group for children from the foundation stage for two morning sessions a week. Parents are encouraged to visit their children in the group and to meet with the staff to discuss ways school and home can work together to further the childrens’ progress.


Picture 1 Mrs Bull: Nurture Teacher
Picture 2 Ms Malik: ELSA
Picture 1 Our Feelings Chart
Picture 2 Making the Right Choice


Summer  1 Work in progress
Summer  2 Our stained glass butterflies
Summer  3 Working together
Summer  4 The Hungry Caterpillar
Summer  5 Our caterpillars
Summer  6 We learnt about guinea pigs
Summer  7 How to handle them
Summer  8 Taking care of them
Summer  9 We made ladybirds
Summer  10 A freindly ladybird?
Summer  11 I will share with you


Autumn  1 We learnt about Autumn in the woods.
Autumn  2 These animals hibernate.
Autumn  3 Hedgehogs are cute
Autumn  4 Our hedgehogs
Autumn  5 Forest School in action
Autumn  6 Perseverance
Autumn  7 We made fire
Autumn  8 PC Ryan's Outing


Winter 1 We read, "Lost and Found."
Winter 2 We acted out the story
Winter 3 Hello Little Penguin
Winter 4 We painted our own penguins.
Winter 5 We learnt about Emperor penguins.
Winter 6 We read polar bear stories.
Winter 7 Here come the dinosaurs


Spring 1 Easter bag
Spring 2 We made Jack's beanstalk
Spring 3 We grew cress