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Emotional Coaching

Emotional Coaching at Alexander First School



Emotion coaching is the practice of talking with children about their feelings, and offering pupils strategies for coping with emotionally difficult situations. The goal is to empathise, reassure, and teach.


At Alexander First School we use emotion coaching to support our children in becoming more aware of their emotions and to manage their own feelings particularly during stressful situations. We aim to validate children's emotions, setting limits where appropriate and problem-solving with the child to develop more effective behavioural strategies. In effect, our emotion coaching techniques instil the tools that will aid children's ability to self-regulate their emotions and behaviour. It enables our practitioners to create an ethos of positive learning behaviour and to have the confidence to de-escalate situations when behaviour is challenging.


Emotion coaching provides a value-added dimension to behaviour management strategies and creates opportunities for longer-term solutions to children's wellbeing and resilience.