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Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital

At Alexander First School we believe that in order for our students to lead a happy and successful life they not only need strong academic results but also to have developed key ‘life skills’ that will help them get on in the workplace.

We define ‘life skills’ as confidence, articulacy, social skills and team work. The experiences that enable young people to develop these skills are the bread and butter of the private school system but are sorely lacking from many state schools. In order to address this imbalance and to ensure that our students can stand shoulder to shoulder with a student from a private school and compete on an equal footing we have designed a co-curricular programme.

Our co-curricular programme consists of 3 strands. These strands are:

     A.   The Alexander First School extended day – this is our after-school programme which provides additional sporting, STEM and creative experiences.

     B.   Themed days and weeks – these are days and weeks where students spend more time intensively studying a curriculum area or developing a particular life skill. This may include RE Week, Martin Luther King Day, Charles Dickens Day or Music Week. 


     C.   Acts of service - These are coordinated events and activities which seek to instil a sense of responsibility and action in our pupils. Our Broom Farm Friends (BFF) association is led by our School Councillors and works in collaboration with community leaders in a joint effort to care and nourish our local community.  


It is our ambition that these experiences are not just for the few but form part of the normal school experience for every single one of our students.